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实用生活英语句子 174句

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1. I'm not myself  我烦透了

2、Don't bother me!  别烦我!

3、Give me five more minutes please。  再给我五分钟时间好吗?

4、How did you sleep?  你睡的怎么样?

5、Don't hog the bathroom!  别占着卫生间了!

6、Don't hog the shower.   别占着浴室了!

7、Don't hog my girlfriend.  别缠着我的女朋友了!

8、Get outta there!   快出来!

9、I will treat you 。 我请客。

10、What are you in the mood for?  你想吃什么?

11、Whois gonna drive?   谁来开车?
    Who's driving?

12、You know what I mean?  你明白我的意思吗?

13、Could you run that by me again?  你能再说一遍吗?

14、So what you are trying to say is...   那么,你想说的是...

15、Whadja do last night?  昨晚你干嘛去了?
    Whadja=What did you

16、Didja have a good time?  玩的开心吗?
    didja=did you

17、Where wouldja like to go tonight?  今晚你想上哪儿?
   Wouldja=Would you

18、I am running late.  我要迟到了。

19、I've gotta get outta here.  我得离开这儿了。

20、I've gotta catch the bus. 我要去赶公共汽车了。

21、gotta=got to
    wanna=want to
    gonna=going to

22、Yo__taxi!  嗨,出租车!

23、Where to ? (你)要去哪儿?

24、I want to go to...   我要到...地方去。

25、What do I owe you ?  我该付你多少钱?

26、Let me out here.  让我在这儿下车。

27、HI! What's up, buddy?  嗨! 还好吗?,伙计?

28、What'cha been doing?