Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead

Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead

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  • Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead Details

    Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH)printhead

    To be used with:



    SKYJET UV FlatMaser 2512, SKYJET UV FlatMaser 2518, SKYJET UV FlatMaser 3020, SKYJET UV FlatMaser 3022,

    SKYJET UV FlatMaser-R,

    KingColor UV1224C, KingColor UV2030C,

    Flora F1250UV, Flora PP2512UV Turbo, Flora F1 320UV,

    RODIN K7250UV, DOCAN UV2510, DOACN UV1528


    Konica 512 Printhead

    KM 512 Serialsprint headfor Konica Minolta

      KM512LN KM512MN KM512MH
    Technology Piezo Drop on Demand (Shared wall 3 cycle)
    Resolution 180dpi×2lines=360dpi
    Number of Nozzles 256nozzles×2lines =512nozzles
    Nozzle Pitch 70.5μm(141μm 2lines)
    Drop Size 42pl 14pl 14pl
    Max Frequency 7.6kHz 12.8kHz 12.8kHz
    Printing Width 36.1mm
    Dimensions 67mm W×40mm D×63mmH
    Weight 95g
    Grey scale - 4 levels
    Max. Drops in Greyscale   3 Drops 7 Drops
    Iternal Heater - -
    solvent ink -
    uv ink - -

    Shear mode, Piezo On-Demand Print Head

    Piezo on-demand inkjet ejects ink drops utilizing deformation of small ink chambers composed of piezoelectric material, by applying electric field in accordance with signals. The principle of shear mode piezo actuation with shared wall structure allows lower power consumption as well as a high-density nozzle array.

    512 Nozzle with 360 dpi Spacing

    High resolution, 360 nozzle per inch spacing has enabled arranging 512 Nozzle on a comactly designed print head. The KM512 series consists of type L, M and S, corresponding to unit drop volume capabilities of 42pl, 14pl and 4pl respectively. The type M and S can be driven in 4 level grey-scale mode for reproducing high quality images with smoother tones.

    Compatible with Solvent, UV, Oil.

    Due to its specially designed internal structure, the KM512 series boasts a wide range of ink compatibility, including aggressive solvent inks typically used for super-wide format printers. Inks which have high viscosity at room temperature, such as UV ink, can be heated up to 55 degrees Celsius with the H type's internal heater.

    Enabling Comapct Design of Head Mount System

    This series is specially designed to have a "wing" structure so that users can precisely align the print heads without difficulty. This feature allows easy combination of page-width printhead units for the purpose of single-pass high-speed printing. The same external design allows interchangability of different type heads on the same mount system


    Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead . Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead . Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead . Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead . Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead . Printer Head - Konica 512/14pl UV (KM512MH) Printhead .

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    1. The printhead is required to be installed by professional persons.

    2. Due to the nature of printer parts and the many factors that go into installing them, we do not accept returns or give refunds on electronic or service parts. Once the package is delivered, it is the customer's responsibility to check the package for damage. If there is any visible damage on the package, please contact us: [email protected]

    3. Please seriously pay attention on information of printhead model while purchasing from us. Once received your item, please inspect if the printhead matches up with the model you required. If you have any problems, it is very important that contact us as soon as possible before installing it onto machine. Please be aware that we don't accept any return and refund once the printhead is installed on the machine.

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