Heat Laminator BU1600RFZ

Hot Laminator

  • Weight:2070*720*1440(mm)
  • Size:360 Kg
  • Port:Ningbo / Shanghai / China Port
  • Delivery Time:10-30days(By Container)
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
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  • Heat Laminator BU1600RFZ Details

    Roller made by non-adhesive material;cold/hot laminating;self-peeling the back-paper; collecting the picture automatically

    Model BU-1100RFZ BU-1300 RFZ BU-1600 RFZ
    Laminating Width ≤1040mm ≤1280mm ≤1520mm
    Rollers Diameter 128mm 128mm 128mm
    Laminating speed 0-5m/min 0-5m/min 0-5m/min
    Lifting Height for Roller 23mm 23mm 23mm
    Heating temperature(Max.) 150 150 150
    Heating Method

    Infrared Heating by Hot air

    The same as 1100RFZ The same as 1100RFZ
    Heating Power 2500W(Single Roller) 2500W(Single Roller) 2500W(Single Roller)
    Motor Power 60W 60W 60W
    Power Supply AC220.100V/50.60HZ AC380.208V/50.60HZ AC220.100V/50.60HZ AC380.208V/50.60HZ AC220.100V/50.60HZ AC380.208V/50.60HZ
    Pack Dimension 1570*700*1440(mm) 1740*700*1440(mm) 2070*720*1440(mm)
    Weight 315Kg 330 Kg 360 Kg
    Remak Roller is made by non-adhesive material;Cold and Hot laminating;Peeling backing paper,collecting the picture automatically;With photoelectric safety switch and pedal switch

    The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.

    The Speed data varies in different computer.

    Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads. When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.

    But as far as we know, most for the operation is similar for different printer.

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