Eco Solvent Ink Compatible with Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh with DX5,DX4,DX7 head

Compatible Eco Solvent Ink

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  • Eco Solvent Ink Compatible with Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh with DX5,DX4,DX7 head Details

    printing eco solvent ink for Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh features:

    (1) Truly environment-friendly

    (2) Vibrant, bright colors and wide color gamut

    (3) 2 years outdoor durability without any coating

    (4) For all printers equipped with Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh Dx4/Dx5/Dx7 printhead

    (5) No smell

    (6) High evaluation throughout the world,proved by hundreds of test and widely customer use.Never clog.

    Ink advantages:

    1. security printing ink: no heavy metals and radioactive substances as well as aromatic

    hydrocarbons and other harmful substances.

    2. high dynamic characteristics, printing fluid, suitable for high-speed printing.

    3. bright colors, expressive images highlight

    4. good storage stability, heat resistance after a long period of cold tolerance 

    The best quality roland eco solvent ink for eco Solvent Printers

    Product description

    Item Suitable Printers Product code
    Eco Solvent Ink
    Epson™ DX4,DX5,DX7printheadsMimaki™ JV3, JV33, JV5 printer;
    Mutoh™ Rockhopper, Valuejet, Spitfire, Toucan TL printer;
    Roland™ XJ, XC, SJ, RS, VP, SP series printers.
    Other eco solvent based printers with Epson DX4/DX5,DX7 print heads
    Light Cyan:LC
    Light Magenta:LM
    Cleaning Solvent All above printers CSI-CS
    Physical Parameters
    Solvent Ester Pigment CIBA
    Viscosity 3-6cp(ESI-N/S)
    Flash Point 69℃
    Surface Tension 25-35 dynes/cm Particle Size <0.5μ
    Working Condition:


    △ Temperature: 10-30 ℃/64-86℉

    △ Humidity: 25-70%


    Storage Condition:

    △ Suggest store in 5-30 ℃

    △ The storage period can not exceeding 12 months

    △ Dust and others can not allow in ink after opening

    △ Using heater if the temperature is lower than 15℃, take actions if the temperature is higher than 28℃

    Quality Guarantee:

    As an expert in this field, own factory has its own lab to create and test products.To ensure our quality, there’re series of tests, including printing test, life test, low and high temperature test, Centrifuge test, aging test etc.

    Starage tips:

    a)Avoid contacting with skin,eyes and clothing. Do not ingest or inhale,After use,wash hands with soap and water.

    b)Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing, and keep away from direct sunlight.

    c)Don't mix with other kind of ink when use,when use the first time,please full clear the print head and ink pipeline in the printer.

    Packing:1 liter per bottle

    Eco Solvent Ink Compatible with Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh with DX5,DX4,DX7 head

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