Eco-solvent Printing Medias

Eco-solvent Printing Medias

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  • Delivery Time:10-30days(By Container)
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  • Eco-solvent Printing Medias Details

    Description Part No. Substrate Thickness Specification Remarks
    w/l ("/m)
    Gloss Photo Paper PH-180QG 180gsm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 Super white,glossy,real color regeneration
    PH-220QG 220gsm
    Matte Photo Paper PH-180QM 180gsm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 High ink absorption , matte finish
    PH-220QM 220gsm
    Glossy Photo Paper S/A PH-150QGL 150gsm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 Adhesive applied,easily operation
    Glossy PP Film BS-150QG 0.14mm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5

    ordinary type or anti static type seletive

    BS-180QG 0.17mm
    Matte PP Film BS-150QM 0.14mm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 ordinary type or anti static type seletive
    BS-180QM 0.17mm
    Glossy PP S/A BS-120QGL 0.11mm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 no need for lamination,real water resistent for outdoor use.paper liner available if requested.
    Matte PP S/A BS-120QML
    *Frontlit Film FB-110QM 0.11mm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 High rigidness,vivid image
    FB-210QM 0.21mm Dupond PET liner
    *Inkjet Paper Blue Back(matte) PH-120QMB 110gsm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 For Eco-solvent ink
    *Inkjet Paper Blue Back(semi glossy) PH-120QGB For Eco or solvent ink
    *Blue Back Poster Paper PH-120QB For screen print and UV ink
    *Matte Photo Paper S/A PH-150QML 150gsm 24",36",42",50",60",/30,30.5 High ink absorption
    *ECO Tyvek EB-220QM 0.19mm 24",36",42",50",60",/18,30 Dupond Tyvek material high sterngth

    The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.

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