Compatible Solvent Inks for Konica head/Seiko head/Xaar head

Compatible Solvent Inks

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  • Compatible Solvent Inks for Konica head/Seiko head/Xaar head Details

    special solvent ink, all adopts imported pigment and supplement, the ink can restore wider color, with strong durability and storage stability.

    1,Extend The Life-time Of Printheads 
    ink keep heads clean, Superfine0.2 micron filtration precision prevent plug phenomenon, enhance head’s life-time greatly.

    2,Stable In Performance 
    The ink in the development and production of the manufacturing process using advanced technology to make it in the different environment and temperature is very stable, without mixing before use, and storage period up to eighteen months with the same performance.

    3,Strong Durability 
    Strong outdoor UV performance. After high strength ultraviolet irradiation showed, in uncoated any protective coating conditions, can keep the image color of One years of above.

    4,Wider Color Gamut 
    For you to provide the true colors of cyan ( C ), red ( M ), yellow ( Y ) and black ( K ), can produce bright red ( R ), green ( G ), blue ( B ), hundreds of thousands of colors, give your image incomparable color performance.

    Product description

    Item Suitable Printers Product code Suitable Printers Product code
    Solvent Ink Konica,42pl K42 C,M,Y,K,LM,L Six colors Konica ,14pl K14 C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors
    Solvent Ink Seiko SPT510/255,35pl S35 C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors Seiko SPT510/255,12pl S12
    C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors
    Solvent Ink Spectra Nova/SE/SM/SL/Galaxy(DGI, Vutek, Agfa Jet-i) ST
    C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors
    HP Scitex XL1500 XL
    C,M,Y,K,LM,L eight colors
    Solvent Ink Spectra Polaris PQ-512/35 pl PQ35
    C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors
    Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 pl PQ15
    C,M,Y,K,LM,L six colors
    Cleaning solvent All above printers CS All above printers CS


    Physical Parameters

    Solvent Ester Smell Lightly
    Viscosity 8-12cp Surface Tension 25-35 dynes/cm
    Particle Size <1μm Flash Point 69℃

    Storage Condition:
    △ Suggest store in 5-30 ℃
    △ The storage period can not exceeding 12 months
    △ Dust and others can not allow in ink after opening
    △ Using heater if the temperature is lower than 15℃, take actions if the temperature is higher than 28℃

    The picture is only for reference,please make the object as the standard.

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